Hand Rejuvenation


Our hands are the first place to show visible signs of age. Hands’ constant exposure to the sun causes age spots, sun spots, freckles, and even growth signs of precancer. With age, fatty tissue is lost in the hands, making them appear thin and bony. Third Space Medical offers hand rejuvenation treatments, in our Ridgewood office, to help restore the youth and beauty of your hands.

Treatment Options

At Third Space Medical, an Anti-Aging Specialist will recommend the right treatment option to help your reach your goal. To rejuvenate the appearance and volume of your hands, options include:

  • Age Spot and Pigmenation Treatment dissolves pigmenation (brown spots/liver spots), softens wrinkles, and alleviate thinning skin.
  • Skin Photorejuvenation increases to production of collagen and corrects unevenness and age spots for smoother and firmer skin.
  • Dermal fillers replenish your hands volume which has be lost due to age, illness, or weight loss.

Experience the benefit of Hand Rejuvenation at Third Space Medical. Request your FREE consultation, or call 201.639.0451 in Ridgewood to schedule your appointment.