Meet The Doctors & Staff

dr millerAbout Wayne Miller, D.C.

Clinical Director

Dr. Miller is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Third Space Medical, specializing in the treatment of spinal disorders.

One of the nation’s leading authorities on spinal decompression, this center has performed over 20,000 spinal decompression treatments over the last decade. Dr. Miller’s treatment approach combines the most innovative medical therapies, along with nutritional and mind-body therapies to initiate the body’s natural bioenergetics and heal the muscular skeletal system, brain and spinal column.

Dr. Miller travels the world to continuously meet with the most progressive anti aging medical experts. Dr. Miller is currently collaborating with European partners on a new Corporate Health Program that will be tailored to corporate employees for stress management and brain health. Dr. Miller is known among his patients and colleagues as a compassionate Physician with a passion for seeking out the most cutting-edge health technologies. Being on the forefront of the healthcare evolution and the global wellness movement, Dr. Miller lectures on anti aging of the spine in Europe. He has appeared in countless print media and is currently listed among a select group of elite professionals in the NJ “Top Docs” publication.

Dr. Miller is proud to have Co-Founded this extraordinary medical center with Dr. Tatiana Sharahy, offering the finest healthcare treatments for our patients. Through their passion and dedication, Third Space Medical has built a reputation of excellence.

In his free time, Dr. Miller enjoys physical fitness, architecture, transcendental meditation, skiing, and travel with his wife and four children.

Leading Positions, Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

American Academy of Pain Management

Association of New Jersey Chiropractors

The International Chiropractic Association

American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine, Chicago, IL

World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine, London, UK

European Society of Preventative, Regenerative, and Anti Aging Medicine, Vienna, AU

World Future Society, Maryland, US


About Tatiana Sharahy, M.D.

Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director

Board Certified Internist

Dr. Tatiana Sharahy is a pioneer and leading authority on Anti-Aging Medicine. An innovative anti-aging Doctor, researcher, and distinguished lecturer, Dr. Sharahy is the co-founder of the premier anti aging medical clinic in the New York Metropolitan area (Pure Anti Aging Medical Center). She has recently been appointed the Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director of Third Space Medical, a state of the art anti-aging medical center with a futuristic approach for the world today.

In this new era of genetic health, Dr. Sharahy focuses on the individual. Genes tell us what is going on internally, how we respond to medicine and food, our risk for future diseases, and most importantly how we can avoid risk with a  customized body genetics defense program. Genetic testing has become the new cutting edge of preventative medicine in this millennium.

At Third Space Medical, Dr. Sharahy implements new and highly sophisticated techniques including  biological (vs. chronological) age testing, brain mapping, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutrigenetics, energy medicine, and customized state of the art physical therapies for structural support of the muscular skeletal system.

A graduate of Russia’s top medical school, Dr. Sharahy received the most prestigious and highest honor, “Gold Medal Award”, given to the highest achieving medical school graduate in the country. Dr. Sharahy is currently listed among a select group of elite professionals in the NJ Top Docs publication.

Leading Positions, Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

Third Space Medical Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Medical Director

Pure Anti Aging Medical Center Co-Founder and Medical Director

Preceptorship of Cenergenics Medical Institute, USA, Korea, and Japan

French Society of Mesotherapie, Paris, FA under Mesotherapie founder Dr. Jacques Le Coz (as well as Patricia Rittes of Brazil)

American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine, Chicago, IL

American Academy of Pain Management

European Society of Preventative, Regenerative, and Anti Aging Medicine, Vienna, AU

World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine, London, UK


About Jonathan Hartman, D.C, D.A.C.N.B., D.A.C.R.B.

Director of Chiropractic

Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board

Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board

Certified IronMan and Active Release Techniques Provider

In January 2017, Dr. Hartman completed a post-doctorate in neurology and became board certified with Diplomate status from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. During that past year, 39 individuals worldwide completed the requirements for this Neurology Diplomate and now Dr. Hartman is honored to be one of them. A chiropractic neurologist is a highly trained and qualified expert of the brain, spine, and nervous system. As in medicine, the chiropractic profession also has specialists who provide evaluations and second opinions for other physicians in healthcare. Dr. Hartman uses the patient’s body and environment to assess, diagnose and localize areas of dysfunction. The systems of the human body are constantly affecting the neurological system and being effected by the neurological system. As a chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Hartman employs this functional and holistic approach to target interventions specific to the location of the dysfunction.

You may be asking yourself, “how’s a chiropractic neurologist different than a medical neurologist or neurosurgeon?” They are very different. A medical neurologist will prescribe medications. A neurosurgeon uses surgery to correct a condition. A chiropractic neurologist uses medication-free and non-surgical treatment methods. Many brain and nervous system diseases do not respond well to (are not effectively treated by) intervention via medication and surgery.  Therefore, Dr. Hartman fills a very unique and significant role in treating these disorders using safe and effective methods producing lasting health benefits. He treats all of the conditions normally seen by chiropractors, such as pain from injuries caused by lifting, sports injuries, falls, etc. Additional conditions that may be addressed through chiropractic neurology are:

  • Vertigo
  • Headaches and chronic pain
  • Head injury or stroke
  • Spinal cord and nerve injuries
  • Movement disorders
  • Balance disorders
  • Learning and Attention disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Diabetic neuropathy

Dr. Hartman’s expertise is in discovering subtle changes in the function of the brain and nervous system. With these diagnostic skills, he is able to better serve you and offer effective treatment options that do not involve the use of medication or surgery. The chiropractic neurologist uses the muscular skeletal system and the sensory systems as they interact with the neurological system to improve quality of life. Dr. Hartman uses a variety of treatment modalities including the technique of adjustments as well as other sensory-based modalities to bring about improvements in health. If you or a loved one is experiencing a condition that is in any way related to the brain or nervous system, chiropractic neurology is a new hope for successful treatment.

Dr. Hartman is also a board-certified Diplomat of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board.  He is an honors graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He continued to expand his outstanding academic pursuits through specialized training and certification in Active Release Technique and Manual Adhesion Release, two of the most advanced soft-tissue treatments used today to break down scar tissue and adhesion formation. Dr. Hartman was the youngest chiropractor in the country to complete the diplomate program for rehabilitation.

Dr. Hartman is dedicated to the advancement of treatment in musculoskeletal disorders. He continues to pursue advanced training in sports injury and rehabilitation in addition to nutrition. With Dr. Hartman’s refined skill set, he has been able to offer a comprehensive array of treatment options supported by the latest scientific research. He is also a certified IronMan Provider. Dr. Hartman is also a contributing writer and speaker for local newspapers and organizations.  Dr. Hartman is locally involved with volunteer work with high school sports events.

In his personal life, Dr. Hartman enjoys traveling, backpacking, CrossFit, and spending time with his family. Dr. Hartman is a voracious reader with a particular interest in neurology, anthropological evolution and nutrition.





 DSC_0006About Jeffrey A. Pammer, D.C, R.M.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Anti-Aging Practitioner

Certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

Certified Pro-Adjuster Provider


Dr. Pammer received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University where he was the President of the Student Doctors’ Council and a member on numerous Executive Boards and Committees. He is a Certified Anti-Aging Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, and holds Degree’s in both Human Biology and Sociology.

Dr. Pammer implements multiple Chiropractic, Energy, and Soft Tissue techniques to assess and develop specific treatment plans unique to each patient. Understanding that no two patients are the same, Dr. Pammer is an expert at treating the patient’s underlying causes of symptoms in an integrated approach to improved quality of life and overall health.

Inspired to continuously evolve and grow personally and professionally, he is an avid reader in attempts to expand his knowledge and understanding of mental, physical, physiological, and emotional health; as well as personal growth and leadership. As a former Division 1 All-American athlete, Dr. Pammer is very passionate about staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

Prior to joining Third Space Medical, Dr. Pammer had the opportunity to treat athletes at the University of Missouri, volunteered his time as an NFL High School Player Development Coach, and dedicated his time in training all age groups at Elite Football Academy in St. Louis.



Krystle Castillo, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse

A licensed advanced practice nurse, Krystle Castillo, MSN, APN-C received her Master’s degree from Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences in Newark, NJ. She is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society.

Krystle believes that no one should have to “live with” pain. She stands behind holistic and client-centered care because she understands that looking at the body as a whole is instrumental to healing. She advocates to get the best care for those seeking a better quality of life.

At Third Space Medical, Krystle performs various trigger point and joint injections with homeopathic solutions to help achieve optimal recovery from both acute and chronic pain. Her main goal is to bring clients back to a state of health where they are fully functional.


Daniel Leahey, P.T.danny

Director of Physical Therapy

Daniel Leahey, PT, MA. received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Touro College, NY.  Daniel has over 20 years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist in NY and NJ, coupled with continuing education courses and seminars in orthopedics. He began his Physical Therapy career on Long Island in Orthopedic Sports Medicine, treating Professional athletes including players from the NY Rangers, NY Islanders, Professional Boxers as well as Elite High School Athletes. His extensive treatment experience, Manual Based Soft Tissue approach, flexibility, posture alignment, strengthening and independent healthcare exercise programs, has helped numerous patients.

Daniel has developed relationships with renowned Orthopedic surgeons from Hospital for Special Surgery, Columbia University Hospital, Hospital for Joint Diseases, Hackensack University Medical Center and Englewood Hospital.


About Dmitry Umanski, D.P.T.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

websitepicDr. Umanski  received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in 2011.  Since then, he has specialized in outpatient orthopedics, treating individuals as young as 10 years of age,  as well as those in their 90’s.  Dr. Umanski has a passion for all sports and outdoor activities, which helps him to guide patients in their rehabilitation to get them back to doing what they love to do. He incorporates  a variety of techniques into his treatments including myofascial release,  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and Kinesiotaping.  Dr. Umanski practiced in  Wyoming and Alaska prior to  New Jersey and loves to travel.


About Andrea Gurciullo, LAc, MTOM      

Licensed Acupuncturist


Andrea Gurciullo, Master of Oriental Medicine, studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in   San Diego, California, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  She was also an associate professor at the college and studied extensively under Alex Tiberi, Dr. Min Fan and Ted Kapchuck.  Andrea is nationally certified in Chinese herbal medicine and continues her education at Harvard’s Integrative Medical Symposium.  In addition, Andrea has earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Psychology.

Andrea’s specialties include:

* Infertility                                       * Allergies/Sinuses

* Pain Management                       * Digestive Disorders

* Weight Loss                                  * Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia               

* Post-Operative Recovery            * Pediatrics

* Disorders of the eyes including:  Glaucoma,  Macular Degeneration, Retinitis