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Neck & Back Pain Institute

We identify markers of spinal degeneration through the newest technologies

Third Space Medical in Ridgewood, NJ has developed an innovative approach in caring for patients suffering from acute and chronic back and neck problems and other serious musculoskeletal conditions, by identifying markers of spinal degeneration through the newest technologies.

Spinal stress and abuse, such as years of prolonged sitting as well as inadequate spinal hygiene and a lack of periodic spinal checkups, accelerates spinal deterioration. With technological advances, we enable our patients to remain active by allowing joints, muscles, and nerves to function appropriately. Patients gain freedom from pain and the ability to lead active lives.

Our practice is proud to offer Axiom DRX9000 and DRX9000C spinal decompression treatments to relieve neck and back pain for those suffering from disc bulges and herniations. This non-surgical decompression alternative for pain relief alleviates the neurocompression often associated with herniated discs through advanced computerized technology. Over 86 % of patients who have used the DRX report relief of their back pain, with over 50% reduction in the size and extent of herniations after four weeks of treatment.

To complement spinal decompression treatment, we also offer the Sigma Instrument Methods Pro-Adjuster system. One of the very few in New Jersey, this technical instrument is used for spinal analysis and chiropractic adjustment & care. Using advanced software, the unit is designed to assist the Doctor in locating and correcting subluxations and fixations. It is especially useful in the cervical area for realignment of the normal lordotic curvature of the cervical spine.

Relief of pain and pressure by manual Chiropractic care, DRX9000 spinal decompression, or Pro-Adjuster treatment can return your spine to a healthier functioning state.

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Increased performance and decreased recovery time.


Enhanced collagen production and cellular regeneration.


Joint and muscle soreness and chronic pain relief, improved REM sleep.


Endorphin release and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.


Decreased inflammation and enhanced immune system responsiveness.