Brain Health & Energy Medicine

Third Space Medical is on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation for brain health. Dr. Jonathan Hartman, DACBN, DACBR, DC and Dr. Jeffrey A. Pammer, DC., RM. are masters at diagnosing the underlying causes of the brain changes and specialize in developing specific brain based treatment plans unique to each patient.

In these fast paced, high-tech times, our Specialists are looking forward and moving towards the future of wellness. Modern lifestyles have created a need for the advancement of Energy Medicine and Brain Health treatments. Scientific and clinical breakthroughs have allowed Third Space Medical to offer these innovative treatment options to patients suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Attention Deficit Disorders, Chronic Pain, Infections, Smoking Addiction, and more.

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To learn more about the Brain Health and Energy Medicine and options offered at Third Space Medical, visit the following pages:

  • Energy Medicine

    The internal energy of our bodies is the core of our overall wellness. Energy medicine is the cultivation of body energy to enhance function. At Third Space Medical, Energy Medicine has strengthened patients’ performance in fields such as emotional freedom, stress reduction, education, athletics, business, and social endeavors.

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  • Brain Health & Therapies

    Your overall health and the health of your brain go hand in hand. Science and innovation have brought technological advances in the study and improvement of brain function. The benefits of Neurointegration Training is seen for those suffering from fatigue, stress, aggression, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, overeating, attention deficit disorders, and smoking addiction. Improvements are also seen in mental clarity and focus, math and verbal processing, memory retention, cognitive skills, motivation, and sport ability enhancement.

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