Comprehensive Weight Management Regiment


Are you looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle?

Being educated and informed is the first step to ending your lifelong struggle with weight. At Third Space Medical, internist Dr. Tatiana Sharahy and our expert staff provide medically supervised weight loss programs, tailored to each patient individually for best results. Our mission is to motivate, teach, and support our patients through the weight loss process including testing, customized diet plan, and supplement recommendations. Medical history, current health condition, and patients’ goals are all calculated to determine the foremost course of action. Dr. Sharahy provides personalized counseling by appointment to keep you motivated along the way.

After your complimentary consultation, we will analyze your body through comprehensive blood testing, medical history evaluation, current condition, and food sensitivity testing (if needed). Once your body composition is determined, Dr. Sharahy will provide a report of finding and advise a designated diet protocol to meet your needs. This plan will include nutritional direction, supplement recommendations, bioidentical hormone replacement (if needed) , and appetite suppressants (if desired). Recommended supplements may include vitamins B-12 and B complex for a metabolic boost and appetite suppressants taken in conjunction with proper diet and exercise can reduce craving and binge eating.

More Third Space Medical patients keep off their weight long-term, because they are taught about the function of their metabolism and how what they eat is processed by their body.

Weight management regiment at Third Space Medical gives you the motivation and direction to reach your goal weight. Weight loss has the added bonus of improving medical conditions such as back and knee pain , depression, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

Experience the benefit of the medically supervised weight management at Third Space Medical. Request your FREE consultation online today, or call 201.639.0451 in Ridgewood to schedule your appointment.