• NCV & EMG Testing

    Nerve Conduction Velocity and Electromyography (or NCV/EMG) is a testing procedure used to measure function of the nerves and muscles. This measurement assists in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions. Symptoms which suggest a need for NCV/EMG testing include tingling, numbness, or burning sensation of the legs or arms and pinched nerves.

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  • Balance Testing

    As we age, walking and balance becomes less automatic. Falls can cause bone fractures that challenge mobility and could even lead to death, but this can be prevented! Balance disturbance or disorder is a unsteady feeling while walking or standing usually accompanied by feelings of “wooziness”, spinning, or floating. These symptoms can be a result of degeneration of the sense (i.e. eye and ears). Loss of these basic functions leads to dizziness and balance deficiency.

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