Sigma Instruments: Pro Adjuster

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Pro Adjuster

Sigma Instrument Methods/ProAdjuster

Dr. Jeffrey A. Pammer, DC., RM.

Certified ProAdjuster Chiropractor

The FDA certified Sigma instrument (ProAdjuster) is a safe, state of the art chiropractic technology that can accurately measure the fixation of the spine. A computer signal is sent into the vertebrae to check for motion. The signal is then reflected back to the computer. An advanced computer analysis system evaluates the spine to pinpoint problem areas. The results are then graphed on a widescreen monitor for Doctor and patient to view. This breakthrough process accurately isolates dysfunctional areas more quickly than previous manual techniques. This is ideal for patients with conditions where osseous manipulation is contraindicated, or patients who are sensitive to the “popping” or “cracking” sounds of traditional manipulations.

To begin treatment with the ProAdjuster, the Doctor will apply the mechanical wand to the affected areas with gentle pulsation, effectively treating the muscle, bone, and nerve. With pulsation, pressure is relieved from the nerve, allowing for natural healing and pain relief. Once all dysfunction is treated, the Pro Adjuster can be used to reanalyze the body and chart results for comparative review.

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