Genetic Testing

Your genes make you unique, but what do they say about your health?

Discover more about your genetics and how they impact your wellness. A simple saliva sample is all we need to test your genetic fitness.

Third Space Medical offers the most comprehensive Genetic Fitness Tests of its kind in the world!

Up Close and Personal

Personalized genetics test results include a genetic nutrition and exercise profile which illustrates your body’s reaction to specific foods and exercises. This report also provide insight as to how your body processes sugars, fat, vitamins, and nutrients as well as recommendations to help you optimize your health.

Some benefits of Genetics Fitness Testing at Third Space Medical include:

  • Individualized diet type matching to correspond with your genetics and nutritional needs

  • Report of exercise response including blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and aerobic capacity

  • Metabolic health factors and genetic risks

  • Data that can help you lose weight, maintain lost weight, and maintain physical health and wellness

  • Step-by-step recommendations included with results, providing a foundation for lifestyle changes

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