The right foods could be wrong for you!

There is a 95% chance that there is something you are eating every day that is toxic to your system! Food sensitivity is a common problem.

You could be eating a nutritionally healthy diet and trying your best to maintain or improve your wellness without knowledge that the foods you’re eating are actually causing you harm.

Every food we eat has its own unique chemical balance which reacts differently with each person’s body chemistry. Some foods will enhance proper internal chemistry and others disrupt it. Of those tested for food sensitivities, 95% show one or more regularly eaten foods to cause toxic reactions in their body. These reactions may not even be noticed right away, but on a cellular level the body is being damaged. Food sensitivities can contribute or cause chronic disease and dysfunction.

Foods such as corn, soy, egg, pepper, whey, and chicken may respond like poison in your body. When eating foods that form toxins, and those foods cause harm to your system, serious health problems will occur.

The food sensitivity test is possible through a Bloodprint test, which pinpoints the foods that support your healthy body chemistry and those that are toxic to you.

Once the food test results are analyzed, you can begin to improve your health by removing harmful foods from your diet.

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