Complex Amino Acid Test

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which regulate muscle and hormone activity. Essential amino acids develop and maintain every tissue in the body playing a major role in the body’s chemical processes (affecting both physical and mental function).

Since amino acids are not created by the body, they must be received from our diets. When the supply to amino acid is deficient to meet the demand, the body’s functionality suffers. Symptoms of amino acid inadequacy include chronic fatigue, muscle loss, immune system dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, depression and emotional disorders.

Levels of amino acid can be impacted by age, genetics, poor digestion, chronic stress, improper use of medications, low protein diets, toxic chemical exposure, and poor digestive function.

Once a deficiency is detected, supplementation can help! Based on your individual amino acid test results, we formulate a customized amino acid blend. This blend provides the appropriate amount of essential amino acids to balance your system and restore balance and function.

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