Internal Anti-aging

Third Space Medical is dedicated to the advancement of science for detecting, preventing, and treating age related disorders and managing weight . We educate our patients on the issues they face due to poor diet, declining health, and progressive aging. Our goal is to reverse these conditions and optimize overall wellness with preventive anti-aging treatment. This approach of early detection , treatment , and improvement reverses age and weight related dysfunction, disorders and disease. Third Space Medical is transforming healthcare with innovative technologies that increase patients’ healthy lifespan and improve their quality of life.

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To learn more about the anti-aging options and treatments offered at Third Space Medical, visit the following pages:

  • Weight Management

    The Weight Management Center at Third Space Medical recognizes the complex nature of all weight conditions and their solutions. We take a specialized approach for those who have not been helped by other weight management methods. Our medically supervised programs are designed to support lifestyle changes without the need for bariatric surgery.

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  • Restorative Medicine

    Third Space Medical focuses on restoring the body’s natural function through healing therapies and specialized treatment options. Our integrative approach returns balance to the body and reverses related conditions and dysfunction. Once harmony is restored, patients discover an increased quality of life.

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