Is It A Good Thing To Have Sore Muscles After Your Workout?

There’s chatter around the gym.

“I’m tired, but I’m not stopping.”

“No pain, no gain.”

“Embrace the shake.”

Cliches bounce off the walls like weights bounce off the ground (neither, by the way, are a good thing). Chances are you think you didn’t have a good workout if your muscles aren’t sore the next few days. This simply isn’t true. Alright, fitness addicts, stick with me here. You’ve trained yourself to love to hate your body. Working out so hard that the next few days you can barely put on your own socks. The complete exertion of your muscles causes minuscule tears in muscle fibers which inflame and give you that post-workout pain you seem to crave. Yet this exact pain keeps you wallowing on the couch saying, “Dear muscles, I hate you.” Even if you do get yourself to the gym again, you’re causing more fiber tears and prolonging recovery time.

Consistency is the key to your body’s muscle growth. The best results come from continuous growth. Instead of ripping your abs on Monday thus forcing yourself to keep your core still until Thursday, take it down a notch to core training every day or every other day. This builds muscle endurance and reduces injury. It comes to this: it’s more important to move often rather than drain yourself one or two days per week.

Challenge yourself to listen to your body. At Third Space Medical wellness center in Ridgewood, the focus is caring for your body through intelligent, healthy regimes to encourage a long, fruitful life. In short, it’s not great for your muscles to be sore after your workout. So next time you’re at the gym shaking to get through your last set, call it quits for the day and start again tomorrow. You’ll do yourself a favor by caring for your body. Now, go get ‘em!

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