Corporate Health & Wellness Performance

When your workplace is healthy, your workplace is happy. Countless studies have shown that corporate workplaces that encourage physical fitness and healthy wellness have higher productivity, less employee sick days and an altogether higher performing business.

Corporate wellness programs can range from a gym in the basement on campus, fitness plans with Third Space Medical, encouraging healthy diets, or active-friendly workspaces among many others.

The United States is one of the unhealthiest countries in the entire world due to laziness, tobacco use, poor nutrition and high consumption of alcohol. The U.S. Department of Labor has conducted many studies on the impact of healthy lifestyles and work productivity. Employees that live healthier lifestyles are less likely to dislike their job. Having employees that like their job means your business will prosper in both fiscal and personal ways.

By discouraging these bad habits, businesses increase the wellness of the company which, in turn, makes a healthier society. Healthy employees are less likely to develop chronic diseases that can keep them out of work. When employees are constantly out of work, you are paying for no productivity. It used to be thought that chronic diseases were due in part to old age rather than the poor lifestyle choices, until recently that is. Now trends are appearing that show working-aged people irresponsible for their health are victims to chronic diseases. Since these folks are in the working era of life, the economy suffers because people are spending health benefit money instead of working and earning pay.

Third Space Medical offers a Corporate Health Program to businesses in the New York and New Jersey areas because we care about the happy, healthy workplace. Call us today to request your FREE consultation.

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