How Physical Therapists Can Improve Your Pain

Physical therapy can improve your pain because it is a rehabilitative form of medicine. The physical therapists at Third Space Medical in New Jersey are trained to restore your body to its prime capabilities before your injury. Even if you did not sustain a direct injury, physical therapy helps your body recover from years of remedial aches or pains.

Whether you were in a bad car accident, had surgery or just slept wrong one night and still feel the pain, physical therapy has rehab techniques that will take you back to your best. Physical therapy is intensive stretching, massaging, strength training, and activity that works together to eliminate your pain.

If you are a surgery patient, the physical therapists can target the affected area for stretching and strength training to regain the strength lost during surgery.

If you are just in pain but have not had surgery, our physical therapists can help prevent going to surgery. Assuming your injury is stiff and in pain, the deliberate stretches and exercises will increase your mobility thus decreasing your pain.

While attending physical therapy sessions, the injured area will be the priority for recovery, but it is not the only area that benefits. The focused exercise is coupled with entire body training to bring your body to the next level, ready for anything to be thrown at it.

Every physical therapy patient is different which is why we perform individual consultations with each patient before starting a physical therapy regimen. Third Space Medical’s physical therapists will create a custom plan to best eliminate your pain.

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