The Best Tip For Marathon And 5K Runners Alike

It appears many folks in the United States have gotten the wrong impression of exercise, constantly pushing ourselves harder and faster each and every workout. The reality is that over-exertion will cause pain and injury in the future, thus preventing us from a long life of fitness. Running guru Sage Canady is an ultra-marathoner full of running tips. His number one tip truly is the best tip.

Competitive runners and just-off-the-couch walkers, listen up! The best cardio exercise tip from Sage is to take your easy days easy, and easy days should happen about four days per week. An easy pace is one just faster than a fast walk – aiming for as much as two minutes slower per mile than your targeted race pace. You should be able to carry a conversation with your friend while exercising. This slow pace builds endurance without over-exerting your body. Don’t push and rush to get through your run. Start with a slow shuffle on your recovery days to ultimately increase your mileage. You’ll avoid common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis and stress fractures which can put you out for months at a time, thus losing everything you’d expect to gain during those intense runs.

As you go through your week, introduce more intense workouts such as speed training or tempo running. Those easy day trainings kick in as you have built your endurance, so you are able to push yourself to your limits on hard training days. There’s a huge balance between hard, intense workouts and complete body obliteration. Tread lightly. Don’t obliterate your body.

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