Bad Posture Can Be Fixed With Chiropractic Care

Get rid of those constant aches and pains with one simple lifestyle change – perking up your posture. Always being crunched over puts extra pressure on the spine, back and neck muscles. Not only does slouching challenge your muscles and bones to perform correctly, it can make you look heavier, affect your intestines, and cut off circulation. Therefore, proper posture reverses all of those terrible effects alongside improving your mood.

What Is Proper Posture?

Proper posture is the alignment of your body that puts off the least amount of strain on your bones and muscles when you stand, sit and lie down.



Proper standing posture does not necessarily mean standing with your back as straight as possible. What’s more important is to keep your shoulders aligned with your hips. Keep a slight bend in your knees and wear shoes that offer good support. A strong core helps you keep proper posture throughout the day because you do not tire as easily.



If you have an office job, chances are most of your bad posture comes from sitting in a chair all day. The proper position for sitting is keeping your shoulders back and relaxed. A quick tip is to roll your shoulders up toward your ears and backward. Wherever your shoulders lie is the proper position. Keep your knees just below your hips and your feet flat on the floor.


Lying Down

Sleeping on your side is the best posture while lying down. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst posture because gravity pulls your spine down which can create unnatural curvature. Try to stick to one pillow so as not to create a giant slope on your neck all night. A balanced sleep is the best posture, so try an extra pillow between your legs, under your bottom leg or your knees.


How Can I Fix My Current Problems?

A chiropractic care adjustment can align your spine to a healthy place. By combining chiropractic adjustments from Third Space Medical and your new posture techniques, you’ll notice an increase in your health, wellness and happiness.

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