Treatments for Age Spots and Pigmentation

Called Age Spots, Brown Spots, Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Freckles, or Pigmentation, darkened lesions can develop on the face and body due to sun exposure, aging or genetics. Pigmented spots can occur on any part of the body including the hands, shoulders, and neck. At Third Space Medical, our Anti-Aging Specialists can even skin tone and reverse pigmentation for a more youthful complexion with non invasive treatments performed without pain or need for recovery.

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Our specialists offer advanced treatment for darkened blemishes, spots and uneven complexion. An optimized light device delivers energy into your skin, targeting vascular and pigmented lesions, which slowly disappear as your body’s natural healing process progresses.

For facial treatments, we utilize our Image Pro II Facial Analysis System for advanced skin imaging. Assessing your skin through digital imaging in the first step in optimizing your results.

For the treatment of hands and arms, we recommend our cutting-edge Hand Rejuvenation regiment.

For overall skin renewal, we also offer Skin Photorejuvenation treatments.