Manuel Soft Tissue Physical Therapy

At Third Space Medical, Manual Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy or Myofascial Release is performed by our highly trained Physical Therapist. The trigger point pain is a muscular condition where a taut band of muscle has a hyperirritable nodule (trigger point). The trigger point can have either local or referred pain and can also restrict the muscle’s range of motion. Other characteristics of trigger points are muscle stiffness or weakness, twitch responses, nervous system sensitivity, and hyperalgesia.

The cause of trigger points include repetitive muscle contraction, muscle trauma, nutritional deficiencies, infectious disease, or hormonal imbalance. Stressors such as repetitive motion, poor posture, or laborious activity can also cause this condition.

The treatment of trigger points at Third Space Medical includes a medical evaluation followed by localized diagnosis and utilization of associates muscles. The trigger point area will be compressed directly and will immediately begin to subside. Once the point is reduced, the muscle will be stretched to release tension and condition the area for further repair.

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