It's In The Blood

REGENERATIVE ORTHOPEDIC MEDICINEPlatelet-rich plasma (or PRP) is an expert therapy that alleviates pain and expedites the recovery of many types of injuries, from acute to chronic. Platelets are elements of the blood that activate and regulate the restoration of tissue. PRP applies the healing qualities of platelets in concentrated dose directly to the damaged area. This therapy is ideal for arthritis, strains, sprains and degenerative joint disease.

At Third Space Medical, patients provide a vial of their blood which is then spun to remove unnecessary components (i.e. red blood cells). The remaining matter is a highly concentrated amount of platelets with a small amount of plasma. This concentration of PRP is injected back into the patient’s area of injury.

Following this procedure, the PRP will exhilarate the body’s natural process of healing and regeneration. Patients find a significant improvement in pain, function and mobility, and quality of life.

This innovative pain relieving therapy has benefited athletes and those suffering from chronic neck and back pain. PRP amplifies the healing of cartilage, ligaments and bone. Additional treatment uses include:

        • Arthritis
        • Degenerative joint disease
        • Tendonitis
        • Sciatica
        • Shoulder pain
        • Sprains
        • Fractures
        • Surgical wounds
        • Hip and knee pain

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