ONDAMED® is the best and latest non-invasive, pain-free treatment to reduce internal inflammation and repair imbalance on a cellular level. This patented biofeedback therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic frequencies which target precise areas of the body to restore harmony and functionality.

The ONDAMED® System is used for acute injuries as well as chronic dysfunctions including stress management.
For over 18 years, the ONDAMED® has transformed many thousands of lives throughout the world. The brilliance of the ONDAMED Therapy is the combination of biofeedback and localized tissue stimulation with focused fields.

At your initial ONDAMED® session, our specialists apply biofeedback to scan your body for areas of interference. These internal resistances are documented by unique personal frequencies which are later utilized in the biofeedback treatment process.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a process that enables the assessment and alteration of physiological functions to improve health and performance. Instruments measure system activity including breathing, heart function, brainwaves, muscle tone, and temperature which provide the basis for recovery or improvement. With ONDAMED® application, these physiological functions can be guided into correction; resulting in physical, emotional and behavioral changes.

At Third Space Medical ONDAMED® treatments can be a relaxing experience with patients expressing a feeling of release, calming, or clearing of the mind. A return to health is noted for conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, immune dysfunction, osteoporosis, Lyme disease, developmental and attention deficit disorders, and smoking cessation.

Celebrities who utilize ONDAMED® with amazing results include: Suzanne Somers, Lance Armstrong, Donny Osmond, George Hamilton, Ed Reed, and Jason Giambi.

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