New Year, New You

wellness center Ridgewood With the start of a new year, it’s quite natural to look for ways to improve. Improve our careers, our health, our lifestyles or our looks. As we move through life, a new year often has us looking both at past accomplishments and at future goals. We look at the beginning of a new year as somewhat of a reset button, allowing us to refocus on those things we deem important and to drop those habits that have grown into more than just a quirky nuisance. As we mark the passage of time, many of us look to how we can eliminate proof of that passage. Wrinkles, age spots and softening waistlines all seem so much more prominent as we step into a new year. For those resolving to make the effort to look and feel better, never has there been a better time than to do just that.

At Third Space Medical we focus on complete wellness and health. Cosmetic procedures that reduce body issues and remove skin problems are part of that total wellness focus as we understand the connection between one’s perceived appearance and their overall health. Our comprehensive non-surgical cosmetic procedures are meant to revitalize and improve areas from hips and thighs to necks and foreheads. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques help with a range of skin and body issues, eliminating both wrinkles and bulges. As part of our wellness center in Ridgewood, our age-erasing medical practice offers laser therapies, injectables, body sculpting and macrodermabrasion; all meant to eliminate those body and skin issues that serve as reminders of years past. Schedule your non-surgical cosmetic treatment with the experts at Third Space Medical by calling 201-639-0451.

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