How New Jersey Acupuncture Can Help Your Anxiety

You might think acupuncture is for people who don’t believe in western medicine or for your geriatric parents who need help with chronic back pain. However, a growing amount of research shows that acupuncture can actually help treat a very common condition that happens in all people from time to time: anxiety. Here at Third Space Medical, we’re dedicated to helping you live a more normal life without pain, discomfort, or anxiety. Getting relief from anxiety can be as easy as scheduling an appointment with us. After all, we’re the acupuncture New Jersey residents praise.

Managing anxiety that’s more severe can be tricky because it normally includes therapy that might not give you results for months. In fact, recent studies published in the October 2013 Journal of Acupuncture and meridian Studies show that those who underwent a 20-minute acupuncture session were found to have less anxiety and even better memory immediately afterward than those who didn’t receive the acupuncture session. How does it work, though? Well, the short answer is that acupuncture slows down your body’s production of stress hormones.

Unlike counseling, those who seek acupuncture treatment for their anxiety often see results after only one session and they improve with continued treatment. While you might have some minimal and uncommon side effects like bruising and dizziness immediately after your acupuncture session, it’s nothing compared to being put on prescription drugs that can have serious side effects and lead to dependency.

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