Success Stories

Read all of our wonderful success stories that our chiropractic care, spinal decompression, physical therapy and other wellness treatments have provided our patients with in Ridgewood, NJ below!


“I cannot say enough good things about Third Space Medical.  I injured my lower back and was in a great deal of pain.  An MRI showed disc damage and herniation.  I was in constant pain and medicine and physical therapy in the past did not help me.  Third Space gave me hope with their unique treatment plan.  I was able to see a physical therapist, a chiropractor and use the DRX machine.  It took some time but I began to feel better.  The staff treats each patient with dignity and respect.  They answer all questions and care about their patients.  They monitor your progress and have the latest tools to help their patients.  The office staff is wonderful and appointments are easy to make.  I would highly recommend this facility for anyone.  I am living proof and feel better than I have in years and I owe it to the care and treatment I received at Third Space Medical.”


“I would like to say “Thank you” to Dr. Hartman and your wonderful team at Third Space Medical for showing me that I can look forward to a retirement with less pain and a lot more movability than I ever thought possible. Who would have thought that by going to you for a Synvisc shot in my knee could lead to having my neck and thumbs being relieved of pain I thought I had to live with.  Your office found I had two pinched nerves and have worked, along with the DRX 9000, to relieve the pain and pressure without medication! I can now move my head farther from side to side and backwards which really helps with driving.  I can now walk and exercise without knee pain.  Though my thumbs are still a little tender I can carry bags and parcels without pain. This has been an eye opening and wonderful experience!”


“After 2 epidurals and a surgical consultation, I decided to try spinal decompression as a last resort. I refer to my results as a miracle. My back and leg pain has completely disappeared!”


“Third Space Medical is an excellent chiro/physical therapy facility. They did a thorough assessment and helped me live pain free after just a few sessions. Dr. Jon is extremely knowledgeable about muscle and spine injuries, as well as all aspects of nutrition and healthy living. He is definitely the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. The office has all of the latest equipment and a friendly staff. After a few sessions, I referred my fiancée to begin treatment there.”


“Last year my back was so bad I could barely walk. Today, most of the pain is gone and I can walk normally for up to 5 miles thanks to the Doctors and the spinal decompression machine.”


“The Paleo Physicians Network was the first place I looked for a Chiropractor after I started having back pain. I found Dr. Jon and saw that he was also an A.R.T. [Active Release Technique] provider.

Dr. Jon is very in-tune with nutrition as well as physical part of body and the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me a lot with my back, preparing me for recover.

It’s going a lot better than expected.

On The Physical Therapy side, all three are very helpful and take on different roles which all helped me.

They really know exactly what they are doing! Helping with everyday pains so you don’t have to come back long term.

I’ve even recommended Dr. Jon to my sister.”


“I am sleeping so much better since my back pain treatments. I was ready to have surgery prior to treatment. Would I recommend it for others? Absolutely!”


“Before I started the treatment with the DRX 9000 I suffered from a disc herniation causing pain and stiffness when I would walk. My disc problem made it almost impossible to have a normal stride with my left leg. Since this treatment, that problem has disappeared. I feel this course of treatment is the very best way to approach this type of condition and am very thankful for it.”


“Before spinal decompression, I had pretty constant pain with loss of feeling in my legs and feet caused by herniated discs. Now I feel great with full feeling and no pain even with the large amount of traveling I do!”


“The Doctors and staff give excellent personal attention and make you feel like you’re their only patient. The use of the DRX machine has relieved my back pain and gave me back my life.”


“I came to the office with bad low back pain and with 2 bulging discs. I was not able to work except for light duty and no lifting. After the DRX 9000, I was able to work longer and am on my way back to full workloads.”


” I have been suffering from neuropathy in my feet for over three years.  An MRI revealed that I have 2 herniated disks.  I went from doctor to doctor in search of relief and have tried different medications with no positive results.  I was about to give up when I found Dr. Hartman.  Dr. Hartman has done more for me in reducing my discomfort and pain in three months than anyone has done for me in three years.  He and his team are dedicated to your recovery and have the “failure is not an option” attitude.  Thanks, Dr. Hartman”


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